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Services include (but are not limited to):

physical therapy services conducted via a secure, encrypted online platform (This does not replace individual clinical exam and treatment, but can serve as a convenient and inexpensive option for pelvic, orthopedic, and wellness issues.)
establishing a baseline with range of motion, strength, and ability to complete functional tasks or participate in sports/recreation, and special testing to rule in/out certain pathology
Manual Therapy
soft tissue (muscle, fascia, ligaments/tendons) work, joint mobilization, muscle energy (using active muscle contraction to assist manual work), instrument assisted cross friction (gua shaw), decompression (cupping)
Therapeutic Exercise
prescriptive exercise to address specific impairments and limitations in function or sport
Neuromuscular Re-Education
assisting brain and nerves to better communicate with muscle groups for proper muscle initiation and coordination, PNF
Self Care
functional training for specific tasks for efficiency and avoiding pain including training for standing from side-lying, positioning/bending/lifting/reaching techniques
Gait Training
assisting/correcting walking strategy for optimal safety and efficiency
Pelvic Floor
strengthening, elongation, coordination, bladder re-training, biofeedback, physiological quieting, skin/tissue protection, soft tissue mobilization
Pediatric Pelvic Floor
 uro-therapy for bladder homeostasis, toileting strategies, hygiene, posture, core stabilization, and biofeedback for pelvic floor elongation, coordination, and strengthening
Strength, mobility, function, nourishment, life

Peregrine Physical Therapy

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