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new patients

New Patients

Please email for information regarding scheduling.

Online paperwork will need to be filled out before your appointment and will accompany appointment confirmation.

Masks are required. If you or anyone in your household has COVID or other illnesses in the past week, please cancel. I also ask for 4 days quarantine following international air travel. 

Feel free to park in the ATMA/ALTA spaces.

The clinic is upstairs on the left.

Please remove your shoes in the lobby. 

All patients are allowed a chaperone. 

For Adults:

Orthopedic care is best performed over soft, loose clothing. For neck, shoulders, or arms, a tank top or camisole works best. For hips, low back, or pelvis, shorts are preferred. 

Internal Pelvic Care for adults is done with pants and underwear removed.

Menstruation does not particularly alter pelvic assessment, unless a patient is not comfortable. Internal work is particularly helpful for painful menstruation, during menstruation. 

Babies are welcome to appointments and are recommended to be carried inside the carseat so I can rock baby through the appointment as necessary. Much of the examination and/or treatment can also be performed in side-lying during breastfeeding or I can hold baby as needed. Adjusting for baby holding takes some time out of the visit, so parents of 10 months or younger infants can also inquire for babysitting services through my local nanny for $20 (when available).

For Pediatric Appointments:

Internal manual work will not be conducted on minors. 

Parent or guardian(s) are required to be present for the entirety of visits. 

Initial visit generally includes interview of patient with parent/guardian for description of symptoms, activities which irritate/ease issues, history of developmental milestones, medical management, directions for bowel/bladder diary, and assessment and re-training of pelvic floor muscles using observation and sometimes external palpation/stimulation (if necessary).

Kids are encouraged to bring the stuffed animal/lovey, blanket, or toy which helps them feel at ease.

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