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pregnancy and postpartum care

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care

Peregrine Physical Therapy has services to assist patients through this very special transition.

During Pregnancy: At least 1-2 months before the due date, we provide evaluation and treatment for birth positioning options, pelvic floor and perineal preparation, manual therapy, and preventative exercises to decrease DRA, perineal tears, prolapse, and hip labrum pathology from Labor and Delivery. Preparation for VBAC and prenatal bodywork (see below) are also available.


Prenatal Bodywork (with or without internal treatment) is available for manual soft tissue work including myofascial release to:

increase relaxation, allow more comfortable whole body accommodation for fetal growth, minimize DRA, improve pelvic inlet and outlet opening for labor and delivery, address constipation, and assist proper fetal positioning for optimal delivery.


Postpartum Wellness is in trimesters with distinctive goals and step-wise progression.

Early Postpartum/4th Trimester: Around 6-8 weeks after delivery, evaluation and treatment to assists with pelvic floor function, DRA/abdominal separation, vaginal wall integrity, perineal/C-section repair/scar healing, breastfeeding positioning, and initiation of Core Exercises.

3rd-4th Month Postpartum: Monitors hormonal changes and their effects on vulvar symptoms, core and weight bearing exercise progression, planning and preparation for returning to work and resuming sexual intimacy, as well addressing any discomforts.

6th month Postpartum: Assists transition to higher level athletics such as running and any unresolved issues from previous trimesters. 

9th Month Postpartum Visit is recommended for transitions to plyometrics for bootcamp training, sports specific training ( such as soccer or basketball), or competitive weight lifting or triathlons. 

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