Peregrine PTPhysical Therapy Serving the East Bay Area, CA In-home/office service available (925) 750-8126 By appointment only
Rates + Insurance

Rates + Insurance

I accept cash, checks, and credit cards (visa, MC, and Discover including HSA).

In-Clinic Rates

  • 60 minute evaluation and treatment is $215
  • 55 minute follow up appointments are $150

In-Home/Office Rates

  • 90 minute evaluation and treatment is $250
  • 60 minute follow up appointments are $175
  • Additional $20 for distances >15 miles from Oakland


Peregrine Physical Therapy is an out of network provider; meaning that we do not contract or participate with insurance companies. Patients are responsible for payment upon conclusion of the appointment and will be provided with an itemized superbill at the end of the month following treatment to submit for out of network reimbursement from their insurance company.

Benefits of Treatment Out of Network

Receiving treatment from an out of network provider is very often faster than waiting for an opening with an in-network provider. For many patients, out of network services are also cheaper, especially with high deductible plans. Using an out of network provider also allows patients to know precisely how much each visit will cost without the uncertainty of insurance coverage, claims rejection, or stalling tactics from insurance companies.

Direct Access for PT in California

Physical Therapists can evaluate and treat patients without a referral for 45 days or 12 visits; whichever comes first. To avoid a lapse in treatment, your physical therapist is happy to direct the evaluation report to any MD, DO, PA, NP, or DC who also provides care for this issue. To assist provider support, patients may want to request referral ahead of time.
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