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about romy

About Romy

 Dr. Romy Havard (she/her) went to UC Berkeley for undergraduate and the UCSF/SFSU Joint Graduate Program in Physical Therapy with MS (2008) and DPT (2009) degrees. She is also Board Certified in the Orthopedic Section (OCS) (2015).

While she uses a broad variety of skills, she is most influenced by the Institute of Physical Art and utilizes functional manual therapy for optimal efficiency. She is also enthusiastic to incorporate concepts from Herman Wallace in pelvic health and contribute to advocacy for postpartum, incontinence, and transgender care.

When not working, she enjoys family time with her husband and son.

Course work includes:

Pelvic Health 1 (vulvar/vaginal), 2A (rectal/cis men), 2B (perineal/pelvic pain), and 3 (neurological, cis men, and pediatrics) (APTA and Herman & Wallace mix)

Pelvic Floor Series Capstone (surgical, endocrine, autoimmune, visceral topics)(Herman & Wallace)

Care for Prenatal and Postnatal Patients through Herman and Wallace

Complications in Obstetrics through Section on Pelvic PT of APTA

Pudendal Neuralgia & Nerve Entrapment and Bowel Pathology through Herman Wallace 

Pelvic PT for Trans, Non-Binary, and Intersex Patients through MWM Meducation with Holly Herman, PT

Spinning Babies Workshop for Clinicians

Topics in Prolapse, Endometriosis, Urinary Urgency, Stress Incontinence, Male Pelvic Health, Pelvic PT for Neuro Patients, Breast Cancer and Lymphedema PT, Post Prostectomy Pelvic PT, and Pediatric Pelvic PT through Medbridge.

Visceral Functional Mobilization through Institute of Physical Art

Orthopedic Manual Therapy and PNF classes includes upper and lower division curriculum from Institute of Physical Art

Running Evaluation and Myofascial Decompression at UCSF

Credentialed Clinical Instructor since 2014

Pediatric Bowel and Bladder Disorders and Pediatric Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders through Kids Bowel and Bladder and with Dawn Sandalcidi, PT

Female Pelvic Oncology Rehab (includes colorectal CA and ostomy care) with Michelle Lyons, PT

Pediatric Pelvic Care Summit with Dawn Sandalcidi, PT and Quiara Smith, OT 

Mobilization of Myofascial Layer with Ramona Horton, DPT

Advanced Management of Prolapse and Pessary Fitting with Pelvic Health Solution

Meet Romy, as she headlines a discussion about incontinence in female athletes

Strength, mobility, function, nourishment, life

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